Morihata Binchotan Charcoal (230g)

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Powerful purification. Kishu Binchotan in its purest form.

Morihata’s purpose is to make their innovative home, kitchen and lifestyle goods available beyond Japanese borders, and in that way connect Japanese artistry with the rest of the world.

Powerful purification. Kishu Binchotan in its purest form.

Made from Ubame Oak, and left exactly as they are when removed from the ancient kilns in which they are made. The high temperatures and quick cooling, by dousing with ash, result in glass-like and beautiful branches.

Add to a carafe of water. The microscopic cavities left in the wood remove unwanted toxins and impurities, while softening and improving taste. Completely natural, the sticks can be disposed of in your garden soil once they start to diminish in efficacy (about 3 months).

Materials: Charcoal; 100% Ubame Oak
Approximate stick sizes: 7.5 -19 cm in length and 1 – 4 cm in diameter, 230g
From: Wakayama, Japan

Established in 2005 Morihata International’s intention is to make known japanese makers and creators to the rest of the world by offering the highest quality Japanese design products for everyday use. In order to achieve this goal, Morihata Intl.’s team Kaz and Yuka Morihata collaborate with like-minded brands and shops and together they distribute lifestyle goods beyond Japan, always staying true to tradition. Their affordable prices and their aesthetically-pleasing products can’t be missed.

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