Pattern Recognition by William Gibson

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An untrustworthy corporate petty criminal, a resourceful heroine and mortal souls… there’s something familiar about William Gibson’s Pattern Recognition

Pattern Recognition – a pulsating techno-thriller by William Gibson, bestselling author of Neuromancer.

Cayce Pollard has been flown to London. She’s a ‘coolhunter’ – her services for hire to global corporations desperate for certainty in a capricious and uncertain world. Now she’s been offered a special project: track down the makers of the addictive online film that’s lighting up the ‘net. Hunting the source will take her to Tokyo and Moscow and put her in the sights of Japanese computer crazies and Russian Mafia men. She’s up against those who want to control the film, to own it – who figure breaking the law is just another business strategy.

The kind of people who relish turning the hunter into the hunted . . .

Imprint: Penguin

Published: 28/07/2011

ISBN: 9780241953532

Length: 368 Pages

Dimensions: 198mm x 22mm x 129mm

Weight: 255g

In 1946, Penguin Classics was launched with E. V. Rieu’s million copy-selling translation of The Odyssey, on the understanding that there was an eager audience for accessible translations of classic works.
Since then, the series has grown to include nearly 3,000 of the greatest and most significant works written, spanning two-and-a-half millennia and representing every corner of the globe.

‘Fast, witty and cleverly politicized Guardian

‘A compelling, humane story with a sympathetic heroine searching for meaning and consolation in a post-everything world’ Daily Telegraph

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