TYPE A-4 Knit Cap

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Buzz Rickson’s Type – A-4 Knit Cap, is an exact reproduction of vintage US army and airforce cap.

Buzz Rickson’s was established in 1993 in Japan. The company produces exact reproductions of vintage US army and air force clothing. An immense amount of research into the context of the clothing is done for each individual garment.

Made from top quality worsted wool, the design is precisely matched to the original construction; the unique 6 petal crown design ensures a neat fit and appearance which hugs the contour of the head.


MATERIAL: Worsted wool


LABEL: Buzz Rickson’s Mfg Co.

Made in Japan

The A-4 knit cap was used by ground crew of the Army Air Force during WWII. Cold winter days on the airfield whilst arming a B-17 bomber for a mission, called for such a cap.

We discovered this cult brand in consultation with Liam Morrison Phillips.

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