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Cova Milano by Alain Elkann

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Alain Elkann has been working with Italy’s cultural ministry for the last ten years, first as counselor to the Italian cultural minister for five years, and then as an adviser for cultural events and foreign relations to Minister Sandra Bondi. He has worked directly with influential Italian author Alberto Moravia, Prince Hassan Bin Talal of Jordan, Chief Rabbi Elio Toaff, and archbishop Carlo Maria Martini of Milan. Awarded the Legion d’Honneur by the French Republic, Elkann presently serves as president of the Foundation for Italian Art and Culture (FIAC) and is a professor at the University of Pennsylvania.

Opened in 1817 by a Napoleonic officer, Pasticceria Cova quickly became the gathering place for Milanese upper crust and Café Society—frequented by artists, musicians, and writers—not to mention the best place for midday café. Over the last two centuries, Cova has had many illustrious regulars including composer Giuseppe Verdi, whose music could be heard from Teatro alla Scala a few steps away. As a coffeehouse, Cova has grown to become the pride of Milan. On the occasion of Cova’s two-hundred-year anniversary, the pasticceria opens its doors to share its illustrious past, its glorious present, and its sterling future.

Originally located close to Teatro alla Scala in Milan, Cova has always represented the authentic Milanese caffè. Cova has been characterized by the opulence of its rooms, decorations, and furniture. The unwaivering attention to detail and the creation of an innovative patisserie based on traditional recipes gave life to an undisputed signature of quality and luxury. After the Second World War, Cova was relocated to Via Montenapoleone, fully preserving its distinctive traditions and becoming the quintessential place for the growing Milanese scene. Today, Cova Montenapoleone’s cosmopolitan ambience can be enjoyed in the exclusive and beautifully restored historical venue.

Original text by owners Paola and Daniela Faccioli, featuring a foreword by Alain Elkann.

200 pages
English language
Released in 2018
W 19.68 x H 27.94 cm
ISBN: 9781614286615
1.361 kg

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