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LABEL UNDER CONSTRUCTION crafts some of the finest and most technically advanced, while humbly beautiful works in the world and this t-shirt confirms it.



Digital Knit #2 Sweater in white by LABEL UNDER CONSTRUCTION

The Digital t-shirts and sweaters are an example of LABEL UNDER CONSTRUCTION finest procedures and technique.

These items are particularly special because they present two of the most distinctive LABEL UNDER CONSTRUCTIOΝ seams: the flat seam and the embroidery seam. As the name suggests, the first one is so small to be almost unnoticeable and it is achieved thanks to a perfect correspondence between every needle on each side.

The second one is achieved by carefully and painstakingly connecting the holes created on the selvedge. The result is a fine and delicate seam that looks like embroidery work.

Article: 33YMSW215

Combination: CL22

Treatment: RG

Colour: 33/22 

Material: Cotton and Linen 

LABEL UNDER CONSTRUCTION was founded in Perugia, Italy, in 2003 by Luca Laurini. However, knitwear is part of Laurini’s greater family history and personal life, as he served as knit developer for the “continues” projects in collaboration with Maurizio Altieri for Carpe Diem. In addition to this, the Laurini family has long produced fine knit garments for other labels and has been at the forefront of pushing knitwear technology for the entire industry.

According to Label Under Construction’s administration, the Spring/Summer Collection 2019 presents pieces with a difference in size comparing to all the previous collections. Now, you can find the item from this particular collection that fits you properly by changing the label of the size into a smaller one. But fear not, as the the actual size of the item stays the same. For example, if you are normally a size Μ, now you can purchase a size S and it will fit accordingly.

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