• TYPE M47 Overcoat
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  • TYPE M47 Overcoat
  • TYPE M47 Overcoat
  • TYPE M47 Overcoat
  • TYPE M47 Overcoat

TYPE M47 Overcoat

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Buzz Rickson’s Type – M47 Overcoat, is an exact reproduction of vintage US army and airforce overcoat.

Buzz Rickson’s was established in 1993 in Japan. The company produces exact reproductions of vintage US army and air force clothing. An immense amount of research into the context of the clothing is done for each individual garment.

This coat has double fastening design with buttons and zippers on the front, a large patch pockets with flap and hand warmer pockets, and a waist featuring a buckle with a heavy belt as its unique feature. A noteworthy point of this coat is the luxury specification of having the outer-shells cotton in two layers.


MATERIAL: Double Layered Cotton Poplin
FASTENER: AluminIum Spring Automatic Lock
BUTTON: Mil Specs Urea
SNAP BUTTON: Mil Specs Brass Black Oxidized
BELT BUCKLE: Brass Black Oxidized
LABEL: Buzz Rickson’S Sportswear Co., Inc

Made in Japan.

Early in 2003, best-selling novelist William Gibson released a groundbreaking new book, “PATTERN RECOGNITION”. This absorbing and masterfully crafted novel is set in the period immediately following “9-11″, featuring a high tech, super-hip, cyber-chic, anti-fashion sophisticate, Cayce Pollard, as the heroine. Brilliantly woven within the many pages of cutting-edge prose Mr. Gibson has crafted is the one object more valued by Cayce Pollard than any other her Black Buzz Rickson’s MA-1 Flying Jacket. William Gibson is an author of superior talent and exceptional good taste. Vintage clothing represents an area of personal interest to him, especially wristwatches, US flying jackets and jeans. He is a great admirer of the goods produced by Buzz Rickson’s, which is what provided the inspiration for the fictionalized Buzz Rickson’s black MA-1 jacket worn by his central character, Cayce Pollard, in his novel. In the course of writing his novel, Mr. Gibson was aware that no MA-1 jackets were ever produced for the USAF in black but he decided to make the color of Cayce’s jacket black, not Sage Green, which is the original color of the MA-1, because Cayce’s jacket needed to be black in the creative vision of Mr.Gibson. Today, Buzz Rickson’s is proud to introduce the all new William Gibson Collection of Classic Military Jacket Styles produced exclusively in BLACK.

We discovered this cult brand in consultation with Liam Morrison Phillips.

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