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LEE by Lee Radziwill

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Lee Radziwill has been a mother, an actress, an interior design consultant, and a public relations executive for Giorgio Armani, and in 2008 received the Légion d’Honneur from the French government. The younger sister of the late Jacqueline Onassis, Radziwill fell in love with Paris on her first trip to Europe, with her sister, in 1949. Today Radziwill leads a quiet life, dividing her time between New York City and Paris.

Richard David Story, who has been friends with Radziwill for over ten years, is editor in chief of Departures magazine, published by American Express Publishing. He has previously worked in editorial roles with Travel + Leisure, Vogue, InStyle, New York, Esquire, USA Today, and Reader’s Digest. Story is the author of the book Departures, published by Assouline in 2014.

Peter Beard is an artist, photographer, and writer, and first met Radziwill on an assignment from Harper’s Bazaar. Best known for his images of African wildlife, Beard has been widely published in fashion magazines and shown in galleries around the world. He is the author of numerous books, including The End of the Game (1965), which will be published in a fiftieth anniversary edition in 2015.

As begun in the best-selling Happy Times, her first book with Assouline, Lee Radziwill’s colorful journey continues in the much-anticipated Lee. In this quest for privacy and freedom within a highly publicized life, Radziwill shares her unique perspective as a witness to history, recalling her friendships with the numerous cultural figures, from Rudolf Nureyev to Truman Capote, who have punctuated her life. Filled with anecdotes and personal photographs, Lee is Radziwill’s reflection on the people who have opened intellectual and emotional doors throughout her life.

184 pages
250 illustrations
English language
Released in December 2015
W 19.27 x L 27.68 x D 2.48 cm
Linen Hardcover
ISBN: 9781614284697
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