• Live and Let Die

Live And Let Die by Ian Fleming

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A crackingly good thriller that finds Fleming developing as a writer and Bond’s eccentricities growing ever more pronounced.

Live and Let Die narrates one of 007’s many adventures.

Mr Big is brutal, brilliant and feared worldwide. Protected by Voodoo forces and the psychic powers of his prisoner Solitaire, he is an invincible SMERSH operative at the head of a ruthless smuggling ring. Sent to infiltrate this secret world and destroy Mr Big’s global network, James Bond’s new assignment will take him into the heart of the occult.

From Harlem’s throbbing jazz joints to the shark-infested waters of Jamaica, enemy eyes watch Bond’s every move.

Imprint: Vintage Classics

Published: 02/11/2017

ISBN: 9781784872007

Length: 336  Pages

Dimensions: 204mm x 31mm x 138mm

Weight: 418g

In 1946, Penguin Classics was launched with E. V. Rieu’s million copy-selling translation of The Odyssey, on the understanding that there was an eager audience for accessible translations of classic works.

Since then, the series has grown to include nearly 3,000 of the greatest and most significant works written, spanning two-and-a-half millennia and representing every corner of the globe.


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