• Living next to Delphi by Veta Stefanidou Tsoukala

Living next to Delphi by Veta Stefanidou Tsoukala

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A Greek native, Veta Stefanidou Tsoukala studied archaeology and architecture at the University of Athens. She moved on to a career in interior design in London, working closely with mentor David Hicks. Today, her architecture and design practice draws from this wide range of experiences: Her style, which she describes as “simple lines and the right details,” is influenced by Greek architecture and by the design principles she learned from Hicks. Tsoukala – with a team including her husband and daughter – has designed spaces in London, New York, Paris, Monte Carlo, and, of course, in Greece.

Lauded by Homer and Pindar, Pliny and Plutarch, the ancient Greek site of Delphi was revered for centuries as the “navel of the earth.” Seekers came from all over Greece to consult the mysterious Oracle and Sibyl, and great athletes and musicians participated in its Pythian Games. Dedicated to Apollo, the god of music, poetry, sun, medicine, light, and knowledge, Delphi is today a major archeological site with spectacular architectural remains of great historical and cultural significance. With this as inspiration, well-known Greek architect and designer Veta Stefanidou Tsoukala has designed several luxury homes in the region that are renowned for their play of architectural scale and subtle melding of influences from ancient and rustic to sleek and modern. In this beautifully illustrated volume, Veta Stefanidou Tsoukala shares the inspirations behind her richly textured creations.

130 illustrations
English language
Released in October 2013
W 24.89 x L 32.99 x D 2.69 cm
Hardcover with Jacket
ISBN: 9781614281566
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