TYPE M-65 Jacket

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Buzz Rickson’s Type – M-65 Jacket, is an exact reproduction of vintage US army and airforce jacket.

Buzz Rickson’s was established in 1993 in Japan. The company produces exact reproductions of vintage US army and air force clothing. An immense amount of research into the context of the clothing is done for each individual garment.

The M-65 combat jacket is of course one those garment designs that came out of the military which has gained design-classic status. Used extensively in the Vietnam campaign, the M-65 was standard GI issue. Buzz have re-created the famous M-65 in their perfect 100% authentic offering. From the military grade satin-backed cotton, to the custom-made authentic Crown zips – this is the finest representation of this style ever produced outside of a government contract.


SHEL : Heavy Cotton Satin-Backed

LINING: Warp Cotton/Weft Nylon

COLOUR: Olive Drab

FASTENERS: Crown Aluminium Spring Auto-Lock

BUTTONS: Mil-spec Urea

LABEL: Buzz Rickson’s Mfg Co. Ltd

Made in Japan


The roots of it’s design can be traced to the M-41, which was the standard GI combat jacket of early WWII. Evolving through the decades the M-65 was the end result of all that was learned through several major conflicts.

During, and after, the Vietnam war, the M-65 was not only the combat soldiers favourite, but it also penetrated civvy street culture after it was adopted by supporters of the anti-war movement. Indeed, ironically, the M-65 became to represent that which opposed war more than it was a symbol of it; protestors would often adorn their M-65’s in anti-war slogans and badges. Even disaffected war veterans returning home would continue to wear their M-65’s, grow their hair long, and wander the country in homeless defiance – this was perfectly depicted in the bestselling book and film ‘First Blood’.

We discovered this cult brand in consultation with Liam Morrison Phillips.

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