• TYPE MA-1 D-Type Buzz
  • TYPE MA-1 D-Type Buzz
  • TYPE MA-1 D-Type Buzz
  • TYPE MA-1 D-Type Buzz
  • TYPE MA-1 D-Type Buzz
  • TYPE MA-1 D-Type Buzz

TYPE MA-1 D-Type Buzz MIL-J-8279F

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MA-1 D-Type Buzz, is an exact reproduction of vintage US army and airforce jacket. Its the seventh and the last model MIL-J-8279F

Buzz Rickson’s was established in 1993 in Japan. The company produces exact reproductions of vintage US army and air force clothing. An immense amount of research into the context of the clothing is done for each individual garment.

With some features derived from type B-15 series, MA-1 was introduced in the 1950s and had been produced until 1978. It is not too much to say that it mainly possessed the highest quality and had been most valued among all the flight jackets produced at the time.



MATERIAL:  2/2 Heavy Nylon Twill Government Use

INTER LINING:  60% Wool 40% Cotton Pile Undyed Natural Color

OUT SLASH POCKET:  35% Wool 65% Rayon Double Face Brushed

MAIN FRONT FASTENER: Aluminium Reversible Usage

SNAP BUTTON: U.S. Government Department of Defense Specs. Brass Sage Green

LABEL: Buzz Rickson’s Mfg Co., Inc.

Made in Japan

Just as the jet fighters did, MA-1 experienced several upgrades from the first model MIL-J-8279 to the seventh and the last model MIL-J-8279F, which resulted in its high demand for over 30 years. This MIL-J-8279D type was originally developed as the fifth generation of MA-1, and what made it special was its reversible feature, with the inside fabric being in the rescue orange. This unique feature was to give higher visibility for the soldiers who needed to be found easily by the rescue in case of emergency escape into the deep forest by parachute landing. After being modified to be reversible, the label which used to be attached on the back was moved to the inside of slash pocket.

We discovered this cult brand in consultation with Liam Morrison Phillips.

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