• TYPE N-1 Deck jacket Khaki
  • TYPE N-1 Deck jacket Khaki
  • TYPE N-1 Deck jacket Khaki
  • TYPE N-1 Deck jacket Khaki
  • TYPE N-1 Deck jacket Khaki

TYPE N-1 Deck Jacket Khaki

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 Type – N-1 Deck Jacket Khaki, is an exact reproduction of vintage US army and airforce jacket.

Buzz Rickson’s was established in 1993 in Japan. The company produces exact reproductions of vintage US army and air force clothing. An immense amount of research into the context of the clothing is done for each individual garment.

Type N-1 jacket was originally designed in the mid-1940’s as a three-piece suit consisting of trousers, jacket and helmet.

The material for the outer shell was a durable cotton grosgrain – “Jungle Cloth”, and the lining is a double-faced alpaca-and-wool pile.


MATERIAL: Jungle cloth (Cotton Grosgrain)

COLOUR: Khaki LINING: Alpaca and Wool Pile (Undyed Natural Colour)

KNIT PARTS: Mil spec. Wool, Recessed Wristlet

ZIP: Authentic Brass Conmar

BUTTONS: Mil spec. Urea

LABEL: Navy Dept.

Made in Japan

Buzz Rickson garments have been made with great attention to detail, adhering to the original specs as closely as possible.
Due to the natural materials in each garment, we recommend you do NOT wash them in washing machines or dry clean but better clean on the spot making a test first for safety.

Tight fit, the Japanese producer has kept the original sizing specifications and also tried to reproduce it as close as possible to the original.

We discovered this cult brand in consultation with Liam Morrison Phillips.

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