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Valse des Fleurs by Sacheverell Sitwell recreates one glittering winter’s day in St Petersburg in its heyday.

The Tsar is giving a ball, and in the run up we are given a glimpse of a lost generation of courtiers, servants, guards, officials and dignitaries later condemned to oblivion by the Russian Revolution. Though slim enough to read on the train from Moscow, Valse des Fleurs is the perfect introduction to the Imperial capital of the Tsars. It peoples the magnificent palaces – now turned into museums – with a haunting and evocative power.

Valse des Fleurs: A day in St.Petersburg in 1868 by Sacheverell Sitwell

ISBN: 978-1906011-14-7

Format: 152pp demi pb

Place: Russia

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‘… contains some of the finest prose written in our day.’ – Kenneth Clarke

‘… the best piece of sustained imaginative prose Sitwell ever composed.’ – Neil Ritchie

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