ICONOSTASIO is a collection of genuine objects curated by Greek art collector, gallerist and writer Tassos A. Gkekas.

“I have most carefully selected each item according to my personal everyday needs. Due to many travels and a continuously changing environment, I enjoy a symbiotic relationship with the items I surround myself with. It has helped me to take excellent care of an important part of my identity: the need to be encircled by objects which trigger and challenge me aesthetically and intellectually – wherever I am in transit.

Life is magical and by traveling it can be extended to several ideal moments. This very satisfaction can be increased by ICONOSTASIO intentionally brief family of objects. I established this space for those who appreciate, respect and identify with meaningful utility as much as they love refined beauty. I understand the importance of objects in order to create a quick getaway to something intimate and personal by encompassing yourself with useful goods that speak to you.

My selection is aiming to serve the traveler in constant movement or someone who is getting settled in a new place and requiring to have a fresh, basic start. ICONOSTASIO could be seminal to a new, intriguing situation. The recently discovered pieces of this selection have deeply appealed to me, while others already have become classics in my life. At ICONOSTASIO you will find a collection of both beautiful and practical essentials you need in one place. Not more, not less.

Following my research, the honesty and originality of the design of each object – who is the designer behind it and who was the first to produce it? – which were parameters seriously taken into consideration. This appreciation may be something you can sense. I hope you enjoy my selection.

Thank you. T. A. Gkekas”


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    INTERVIEW: Bras dessus, bras dessus with Cesare Cunaccia, talking about Capri and Saluting summer °020

    Oser Vouloir Savoir Se Taire *(Dare Want, Know Stay Silent) – Luisa Casati Stampa


    The first place to get an espresso…

    – At the Piazzetta, at Bar Tiberio or Piccolo

    This is how cafe Piccolo used to be like. Photo: Luigi Galano


    Your very first visit in Capri?

    – Before my birth. I’m connected to Capri by several generation of my mother’s family, especially my Russian ancestors


    How do you define holidays in Capri..

    – Serendipity, jumping in a classical Mediterranean evocation


    Your favourite view in the island?

    – From la passeggiata della Migliera un Anacapri or from Villa Lysis rooftop terrace

    Villa Lysis


    A few more favourite Terraces?

    – The Faraglioni view from my Friend Tony Ajello house or Villa Malaparte Surreal rooftop

    View from Casa Malaparte, Home of Curzio Malaparte


    Where do you walk in Capri?

    – I love to walk in Tiberio area, at Arco Naturale or on the Monte Solaro very early in the morning going to Cetrella hermitage. La Migliera in Anacapri between opulent vegetable gardens is always one of my favourite

    La Migliera, Anacapri


    Santa Maria a Cetrella, Anacapri William Stanley Haseltine c. 1892
    View from Monte Solaro


    A favourite not well known beach?

    – I still love traditional beach clubs such as La Fontelina and Luigi ai Faraglioni. Usually I prefer going out by boat. Real beaches doesn’t exist in Capri

    La Fontelina


    A hotel, a room, a pool?

    – The front rooms of Hotel Punta Tragara overlooking the Faraglioni sculptural forms. The view from Luna hotel and JK Capri is breathtaking

    Hotel Punta Tragar


    Balcony from Luna Hotel
    J K Capri Hotel, interior


    What’s new on the island?

    – I really love EcoCapri shop that reminds me the Cerio family – the real royal family of the island- tradition and aesthetic. Laboratorio Capri is very interesting too. And, the Grazia and Marica Vozza shop, full of colours and exoteric symbols. What is new also is is the shop of Amadeo King of Cameos, an ancient Neapolitan tradition that turns totally contemporary pop


    How Capri is different to Mykonos?

    – Capri is more secret, less evident rather than Mykonos. The real meaning of things is always hidden. You must discover how to find the access. Capri is paganism and mystical flavors,it is ancestral and always modern.


    A book to bring with you?

    – L’ exilé de Capri by Roger Peyrefitte, thé Story of San Michele by Axel Munthe and Le coup de grâce by Marguerite Yourcenar, written on the Island

    Villa Saint Michele, Axel Munthe


    Fish for dinner?

    – Best fish and alzo best pizza – a unique masterpiece, The Pizza all’acqua – in Aurora. Lunchtime at Smeraldo and the very traditional Bagni di Tiberio. Romantic dinner with full moon at Le Grottelle

    Bagni di Tiberio


    Last stop to get an espresso?

    – Last espresso in Piazzetta again or if in a melancholic mood at Bar Funicolare

    Bar Funicolare


    Cesare Cunaccia is a writer, lecturer, curator, and journalist. He was editor at large for Vogue Italia and L’Uomo Vogue and the antiques consultant for Architectural Digest Italy. He has also contributed to the divisions of Architectural Digest in Germany, China, and Russia, as well as Connaissance des Arts, Opera magazine, and L’Oeil. Cunaccia has published a variety of books, particularly on the Italian artistic heritage, which have been translated into twelve languages


    You may find the book ”Capri, Dolce Vita” about Capri from Cesare Cunaccia here

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